ABT highlight membership & accreditation benefits for 2022

Beauty industry insurance and membership organisation ABT are looking forward to 2022 with some excellent benefits for members and accredited companies. 

ABT's membership portal now enables members to benefit from up to 20% discount when you complete different levels. Silver level members will gain 10% discount, whilst Gold level members can snap up a 20% discount. To benefit, members can access your portal by logging into the ABT website; here you can also update the information about your business that's visible on the ABT Salon Finder. 

In addition, companies gaining ABT accreditation will now benefit from a new tier to the beauty and hair course accreditation system. This enables training providers to gain accreditation for up to three courses for just £175.

Previously, the minimum number of courses that educators could apply for accreditation for was 10. Additional courses can still be accredited in the future for a fee of £40 per course.

What's more, ABT have announced that ABT Online Accreditation of courses will continue to be available. Accreditation of online courses was introduced at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to enable professionals to continue with their education whilst colleges were forced to close. 

ABT offices are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for insurance, membership and accreditation enquiries.

01789 773573
Membership/insurance enquiries: info@abtinsurance.co.uk
ABT accreditation enquiries: accreditation@abtinsurance.co.uk