Expert Advice: Hair colour hues that are good enough to eat!

Suzie McGill shares some of this season’s key hair colouring trends and techniques that will bring your treatment menu right up to date.

Toffee Apple Red

The most delicious red. With this shade it's all about the vibrancy and mega shine that the red provides to the hair. This is such an intense hue but looks fantastic on all skin tones, particularly those with lighter skin tones, flattering the complexion and allowing the facial features to really pop. 

The hair may need to be pre-lightened to achieve a brighter red hue like this and clients will also need to consider their lifestyle when choosing this colour and the hair care their hair will need to keep the shade looking its very best between appointments with optimum shine.

Pumpkin Orange

Last year pumpkin spice was one of the biggest colour trends for the season, incorporating shades of copper or red with brunette tones or through balayage for a more low-maintenance hair shade. This season, we see clients being a lot more adventurous and opting for a vivid orange hue all over. 

Teamed with a short crop, this hairstyle is a great choice for clients who want to stand out from the crowd this season and be experimental with their hair. 

Chestnut Praline

Think chocolate praline with a subtle tint of red to give the hair colour warmth. This is a truly beautiful tone for the season, which looks incredibly natural but also gives the hair life and shine and flattering the complexion. 

This is a great choice for clients who don't want to go too bold with their hair colour, but still want to inject some fun and warmth into it for the new season.

Cinnamon Spice

The ultimate autumn shade! This hue combines a medium brown base with undertones of red. The red/copper tones can be as bold or as subtle as the client desires but are a necessity to give the medium brown a touch of spice and dimension. 

These red tones can also be incorporated into blonde hair to tone it down and give it warmth and a golden glow for the season.

Suzie McGill is Schwarzkopf UK Ambassador, owner of owner of Rainbow Room International's Uddingston Salon and International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International.