Isolation skincare tips: keeping skin glowing

Facialist Sharon Hilditch, MBE, shares her professional advice on acheiving great skin during lockdown.

Sharon Hilditch MBE Crystal Clear SkincareStay clean
Keeping ‘clean' is understandably at the forefront of everyone's minds at the moment and it's no different when it comes to your face. This means cleansing morning and night, resisting the urge to touch your face and washing your make-up brushes once a week – your skin with thank you later.

Protect yourself from Blue Lights
Whether you are spending more time scrolling through Instagram or are close to completing your ‘watch list' on Netflix, our Blue light exposure has never been higher! These addictive screens emit Blue light (also referred to as High Energy Visible or HEV Light) which causes free radical generation. The negative effects can penetrate even deeper into the skin that UVB or UVA, going all the way into the dermis reaching our precious collagen and elastin. 

Check your present skincare or shop for products which contain antioxidants, these will work to combat Blue light effects. 

woman on smart phone blue light

Look after those eyes
All that screen-staring and those late nights are sure to have you waking with eye bags and dark circles. The area around your eyes is the most sensitive part of your skin. When shopping for an eye cream, look for active ingredients such as Vitamin C.

Top Tip: Try keeping your eye cream in the fridge to speed up a reduction in eye bags.

Create a DIY Spa at Home
I always encourage people to pamper themselves! It's at the core of what we do here at Crystal Clear. It's amazing what you can find around the house to give yourself a little treat. Try to think about recreating spa-like touches that'll give your ‘spa' a boost, a hot bath, candles, your favourite music, soft fluffy towels, a face mask and beautiful smelling aromatherapy oils. Time to sit back and relax…

Don't forget your SPF
With all this glorious sunshine, lots of us are taking to our gardens or balconies to soak up some Vitamin D. Now it might not be the shores of St. Tropez but don't under estimate the power of those rays. Always wear a minimum of SPF 40 come rain or shine, and your skin will be protected from sun spots and wrinkles.

Stay hydrated!
A simple one but you can never have too many reminders to drink lots of water, the benefits for the whole body are ten fold but if you're dehydrated, one of the first places you'll notice it is your skin!

Bring the salon home with the Chopstick Facial
To continue with in-salon anti-ageing results, I recommend investing in a high-tech face tool that'll super-charge your skincare. There are lots to choose from on the market but if you're dreaming of coming out of isolation looking years younger, I've developed the perfect device! 

Crystal Clear Chopstick Facial

The Chopstick Facial is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by up to 27% plus firm the skin by 45% after eight weeks of daily use. What's more it only takes 60 seconds every day to deliver an instant eye lift, face firming, eye bag de-puffing, plumping, hydration and luminosity. 

Super easy to use, you simply roll each wand up and outwards, letting the sonic vibrations lift and firm the muscles. Combined with the Pharma Grade Hyaluronic Serum provided in the kit, the clever technology provides a two-pronged approach for real salon results. 

Take your time
The one thing none of us are short of at the moment, time. Use this period of isolation to re-access your skincare routine, learn about your skin type so you can use the best products for you. Give yourself that daily face massage that you never have time for and explore multi-tasking.

Top Tip: When layering products, allow two to three minutes for each to absorb properly into the skin.

Sharon Hilditch, MBE, is a celebrity facialist and Founder of Crystal Clear Skincare