Join Katie Godfrey's free 3 Day Business Challenge

Business Mentor and ABT Member Katie Godfrey is inviting you to join her free 3 Day Challenge to help your beauty, hair or aesthetics business gain more clients. 

Running across three evenings on Sunday 3rd, Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th March, the Booked Out Beauty 3 Day Challenge comprises three short training sessions and action steps (15 minutes each) focussing on your vision for your business.

Katie will teach pricing hacks to boost earnings without an increase in working time and share her tips on setting up your business to suit your lifestyle. In addition, she'll give you advice on gaining new clients and reconnecting with past clients effectively.

“No matter who I speak to within the beauty industry, whether that is a beauty salon, hair salon, aesthetic clinic or solo therapist they all want more clients,” says Katie. “Yes, I can help you gain more clients. I mean after all I opened my salon doors with zero clients and have built it to thousands of clients. But did you know it costs 5x more to gain a new client than it does to reconnect with an old client?

“And ask yourself; do you want to be working back to back with clients? Maybe you just need to relook at your services and pricing. I can help you work this out. It is not about being the busy fool, it is about working smarter.”

Join Katie Godfrey for this fabulous free opportunity by signing up using this link.