Nail Art Step by Step: Celebratory Jubilee Nails

Street parties, bunting, picnics…we're inundated with Jubilee Celebrations this week and if you've clients who are getting into the celebratory mood, have a go at recreating Louella Belle Educator Abigail Simons' Union Jack nails created with Artistic Nail Design products. 

Step #1 
Paint one coat of bride on to the nail and cure in cure box for 30 seconds.

Step #2
Decant ‘Hotzy' and ‘I Have Connections' onto a pallet and using artistic stripping brush, draw a cross in ‘Hotzy' on to the nail and cure.

Step #3
The Union Jack flag has eight points so using the stripping brush create half triangles drawing the lines between the cross and cure for 30 seconds.

Step #4
Using ‘I Have Connections' draw triangles between the red lines created creating the Union Jack. Once you're happy, cure for 30 seconds in the cure box.

Once you are happy you can go over the lines with another coat to make the lines bolder, and cure for 30 seconds in the cure box. 

Step #5
Then apply glossing gel and cure for 30 seconds to achieve a high shine finish.

Step #6 
Remove the inhibition layer with Artistic Nail Surface Cleanser and apply Revive Cuticle Oil to the cuticle, sidewalls and underside of the free edge. 

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