New Cleanzi Mitt deep cleanses & exfoliates

Cleanzi Mitt Skin By Sam

A new cleansing tool has been launched to reduce the steps and products used in daily skincare routines.

The Cleanzi Mitt has been designed by aesthetician and skin care professional Sam Page to remove the need to use cleanser, exfoliator, eye makeup remover, wipes or cotton pads with a three-step process of pre-cleanse, exfoliate and deep cleanse.

Produced with thick microfibres to remove daily make-up, the mitt also has a rougher exfoliating side to gently remove dead cells, ingrown hairs, Mila, blackheads and whiteheads. 

The eco-friendly Cleanzi Mitt is reusable up to 100 times and is machine washable.

Sam Page founded Skin by Sam 15 years ago, treating high-profile clients at her Harley Street clinic, and donates 5% of Cleanzi Mitt sales to the National Autism Society and Alzheimer's UK.