Rotating make-up brush launches in UK


blendSMART, the world's first rotating make-up brush, has announced its UK launch.

The brush spins at 190 RPM to imitate the circular motion of a professional make-up artist, delivering an airbrushed-like finish.


The blendSMART2 starter kit comes with a foundation brush head, automated handle, and long-lasting battery. The design has a soft touch on/off button, enhanced motor and five interchangeable brush heads, which lock into place with a magnetic connection.

The product was invented by former model and now cosmetic surgery consultant Carol Martin, as she recovered from a wrist injury. Whilst sonic technology works for removing make-up and exfoliating skin, blendSMART's rotating action replicates the wrist motion of an MUA and delivering consistently flawless results.

The blendSMART is available exclusively in the UK via Slapp, a make-up app created by fashion and beauty journalist Jamila Robertson that matches you to the complexion cosmetics that are right for your skin tone.